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The Highwaymen: Artists


The trophy presented to Gary Monroe in recognition of the Highwaymen's induction in to the Florida Artists Hall of Fame.

Gary Monroe championed Highwaymen paintings as essential Florida art, and this was rewarded by the artists’ induction in to the Florida Artists Hall of Fame. It was Gary Monroe’s research that yielded the 26 Highwaymen, and defined their roles within the group.

This photograph was taken during the Highwaymen 2004 induction into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame, a function of the State of Florida. Shown with some of the Highwaymen are Secretary of State Glenda Hood and author of The Highwaymen Gary Monroe, who also nominated the artists for this significant award. Following is the list of the 26 artists known as the Highwaymen, in hierarchal order.

The 26 Highwaymen (ranked by centrality, if not significance, to the phenomena):

1: Harold Newton, Alfred Hair

2: Roy McLendon, Livingston Roberts, James Gibson

3: Willie Daniels, Al Black, Mary Ann Carroll

4: Hezekiah Baker, Ellis Buckner, George Buckner, Johnny Daniels, Rodney Demps, Isaac Knight, Sam Newton, Willie Reagan

5: John Maynor, Alfonso Moran, Lemuel Newton, Carnell Smith, Charles Wheeler, Curtis Arnett

6: Robert Lewis, Sylvester Wells, Charles Walker, Robert Butler

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